The Bloodcrafter

The Bloodcrafter is by far my most succesful project with over 230 000 YouTube views and over 3000 downloads, and I "hate" it. I "hate" it because it is popular because of Minecraft and not because it is good. It was made in just one afternoon to record a gameplay video (it was never meant to be a full game) and showcase parallax scrolling, shaders, skeletal animations and basic level editor.


Minecraft and Silent Hill themed 2d light test made a week later

The video was uploaded in June 2011 and I have released the source code one year later as a "thank you" for all the views. At that time I was just starting to figure out how the engine works and how to write object oriented code. There are lot of bugs, broken code and frequent crashes. The engine is a bit modified engine from the book Advanced2D Game Development by J.S.Harbour. You will need visual studio 2008(or newer), Directx SDK and a FMOD library(provided with the code) to compile the project.

If you just want to play it, you will need the Game.exe file provided in the second link.
1. Download "VS 2008 project and game files" and extract the archive. 
2. Download "Executable" and extract the archive.
3. Put Game.exe from "Executable" in the AntonioR\Game\Release folder from "VS 2008 project and game files".
4. Start Game.exe from there.

Controls are standard WSAD controls used to play FPS games, for more game and editor controls you will have to look in the game.cpp file under the keyrelease(), mouserelease() and similar functions. The editor is bad because it was the first version ever. Everything was in the experimental phase then. And btw, the game crashes for some reason when you press 5 :/


  1. Replies
    1. Both links are below the videos, you can't miss them (game files and executable).

    2. AntonioR Software are you kidding me i cant even find or download game , your just lying i cant even download it

    3. are u fucking blind just click on the text it will redirect u u fucking blind faggot


  3. Tutorial How To Download :
    1. Click On VS 2008 project and game files
    2. Click On Executable
    3. It Will ReDirect you to Mediafire
    4. Wait for it To Download
    5. ( I Don't Know Anymore Just Extract That And Bye )

    1. Ok i downloaded,put game.exe in AntonioR/game/release and it sad:"the program can't start because d3dx_43.dll is missing from your computer.try reinstalling the program to fix the problem."wtf i mean the file is there but the game isnt starting...

    2. Golden bro - Try installing this:

  4. not working I open the game and get an error in the preload of the game

    1. How can I help when you didn't write what was the error exactly, you also didn't say what version of Windows you are using.