Sunday, April 26, 2015

Basic path smoothing

I added some basic path smoothing based on the visibility between nodes. The white line shows the path calculated by A* algorithm. To generate the "smooth" orange path I go trough the original path and check if nodes can see some other nodes further along the way, if so I make a direct connection with it, skipping the nodes between them.

The other thing you can see is adding temporary nodes to the mesh (yellow start, magenta end). I check what triangle/polygon the cursor is colliding with (pink triangle) and then make a connection with the nodes in the vertices.


I've read a tutorial where the guy checks visibility between nodes to make the connections and build the tree, then this method of smoothing isn't necessary. But in a map with so many vertices the number of connections would be insane, and would probably slow down the A* algorithm.

I should do some testing to see which is faster:
- connections based on triangulation + path smoothing that uses B2D raycasting,
- connections based on visibility between nodes,
but nah...

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