Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Quake 2D secrets, cheats and source code

I am releasing the source code of my 2012 Quake 2D demo to public. You can download the code on my GitHub page. For more details about this project you can check out the dedicated page on the left of this blog.

I have also uploaded a video that shows in game secrets, cheats and different player models. It was also recorder in 60 FPS in HD since now my PC can handle it. In short you'll be seein flying Luigi blowing up Quake 2 enemies using Serious Sam weapons in bullet time. GOTY 2012 right there.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Random Thoughts #1

Few days ago I finally got my new PC up and running, now with a brand new Antec power supply and a new Dell P2414H monitor. I still have to get used to certain things:
- How quiet the PC is. Event though there are total of 7 fans inside the loudest thing is the hard drive. Sometimes I'm not sure I have turned it on/off or not.
- How nice the text looks on this new monitor and how nice the contrast is. I wasn't even aware how bad my old monitor really was. Some internet sites look completely different now.

Haven't spent much time playing video games with the new PC, but everything looks crisp on 1080p. Really a huge difference. I can't imagine how games would look like on a 27"/30" screen on 1440p or 4K. Maybe in few years I will get there...


With the new PC rebuilding the engine and game takes around 1 and a half minute, while on the old one it took around 4 minutes. Sometimes I would forget what I was doing while waiting.

While I was waiting for my power supply to be replaced I did a lot of cleaning up. I fixed many bugs and editors seem to be crash free now, so I can finally try to make something to show the engine engine updates.