Friday, October 12, 2018

1 000 000 views on YouTube !

About a month or two ago my YouTube channel reached 1 000 000 views ! When I uploaded my first few videos in 2010 I remember being excited reaching 100 views. I guess if I enabled monetisation I might have made a bit of money, but that was never the goal, I just wanted to share what I was working on.

My YouTube channel

Around 80% of those views are from The BloodCrafter video, a Minecraft joke made in 2011 that often went viral over the years. I made that thing in one afternoon, while other projects like Serious Sam 2D and Quake 2D, which took months to finish, have far less views, but still a respectable number.

To celebrate these 1 000 000 views I have prepared... nothing. Even this blog post took me few months to finally write. Everything is in a vegetative state. The Broken Mug Engine and the Quake 2D remake in that engine are not legally dead, but progress is extremely slow and it will never be as polished as I would like it to be. I fix a thing or two every few months when I'm bored of doing other things. The original campaign can be finished, but there are bugs all over the place, mostly because all new features I would make, I would leave unfinished and the project grew to a size that is very hard for me to manage. Also it doesn't help that the forums where I have been posting updates about these projects over the years have been shutting down left and right, I will have no one to share this with, but strangers.