Saturday, August 7, 2021

Baking a GPU in the oven - Part 3

More than 2 years after I baked my Sapphire R9 270X for the first time the thing still works. In total I baked it 7 times since June 2019:

1. June 2019 - 190°C/8 minutes - worked the longest period of 8 months
2. February 2020 - 200°C/10 minutes - worked only month and a half
3. May 2020 - 200°C/15 minutes - worked 6 months
4. November 2020 - 210°C/12 minutes, worked just few days
5. November 2020 - 220°C/15 minutes, worked 6 months, but it crashed several times, but it would work after reboot
6. April 2021 - 210°C/15 minutes, worked 3 months
7. July 2021 - 200°C/15 minutes, worked just a month
8. August 2021 - 210°C/15 minutes, to be continued...

As you can see the poor thing doesn't even have its original fans. One fan became noisy so I removed it and put one of my case fans which I connected directly to PSU with a molex at 12V. In worst case so far it reached 78°C, but that is still under control, since it only happens in summer when my room is warmer.

In this picture you can see how the plastic on the board changed its color because of all the baking.