Saturday, December 20, 2014

2D ragdoll physics using Box2D

This video contains five scenes showing 2D ragdoll physics and some other fun stuff that can be made using Box2D and my editor. The engine is written in C++ and is based on SDL2 and OpenGL.

Here are some features that can be seen in this video:

- skeleton flipping/scaling, joint limits
- custom gravity for maps, mouse joint
- skeleton animation to ragdoll transition
- player controlled vehicles (event-action)
- removing bodies and joints in realtime - railgun
- adding joints in realtime - stakegun

Big thanks to thecplusplusguy and iforce2d for their tutorials. Without those I probably wouldn't even start working on this:

You can download and try it out. There are some rendering glitches that can appear, I don't know what is causing those.

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