Friday, September 10, 2021

Captain Quake - unfinished game prototype


After playing the game "Claw" from 1997 this was supposed to be a short 2 week project to test how fast I can prototype a simple game using my Broken Mug Engine and to again spark my interest in this hobby. That was June 2019. More than two years later I am releasing this in an unfinished state and I can say that original idea failed miserably.

As you can see it is a mix between Claw and Quake 2 with a dash of Metal Slug on top. I have cut two thirds of the first level and haven't put the final polish on many features, but at least it is in playable state. I have planned to write a detailed editor manual and also make few map examples, so someone might try making their own levels, but that was also left unfinished. I wish I could have released it all in a better state, but I really had to force myself to work on it and I don't want to delay anymore.

Anyway, this is still technically the most advanced project I made, even compared to the 2012 Quake 2D demo. You can see Box2D physics in action, colored lights, complex particle effects made using an actual particle editor, interpolated skeletal animation made using an animation editor, boss running around using waypoints, event listeners controlling platforms and sounds, and all the objects, weapons and enemies are defined in external XML files, everything is highly customizable.

Download (Google Drive) 

Download (ModDB)