Split Horizon

Split Horizon is a small space shooter which was part of a paper I had to write for a Computer Graphics course back at college. We had to write about whatever theme we wanted, so I decided to write about the game engine from the book Advanced2D Game Development by J.S.Harbour. The paper ended being over 30 pages long and I made this game example. The professor even gave me extra points for hard work. This game was released in January 2011.

Two years later when I was working on a different project for another course, my project college (who didn't do any work to realize our project), told me how he downloaded some paper from the Internet and submitted it to that professor and he got an A and extra points too. He is probably working for a big company now, while I am writing a blog no one will ever see...

The game was written in C++ using DevC++ and I have released the complete project together with the source code. The source has around 2000 lines of badly written code. After that project I finally started writing OO code. The first link contains the game project and the second link contains DevC++ related stuff (DevC++ setup, DirectX package and Fmod library files) and instructions how to install it and how to compile the actual game:

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