Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Serious Sam 2D TLGH - full playthrough on Serious difficulty

I released this game 10 years ago and since nobody made a full playthrough video I did it myself for the anniversary. I did not play this for a long time, so I am a bit rusty. In some parts you can see me shooting a biomech with a shotgun. I was trying to save rockets for the werebull part, but then I picked up a rocket ammo pack like an idiot when I was almost full, which caused trouble later when I ran out of them. You really need to be careful with ammo in some parts. Game was designed to be hard and I really had trouble in few levels. It took me an hour to finish and half an hour was just to beat the final boss. The final boss can only be reached by playing on Serious difficulty. If anyone wants a challenge try to beat the game on Serious with no deaths.


Game must run at 64 of 67 FPS. By design it should be 64, but 67 is also fine. If it runs lower than that it will impact the minigun fire speed and Level 3 (the one at night) will be impossible to finish, because there are too many enemies and they come in too fast. Windows timers are for some reason all messed up and sometimes game runs at 50 FPS, but then you can try running some other program in the background to "magically fix" the timers to get 64 or 67 FPS. When I was still using Windows XP I could use WinAmp for it, but now on Windows 7 having Tixati running in background helped.

It was originally supposed to be similar to Seal Hunter, but it ended being what it is. The final boss "Beshtiya" (basically means "beast") was inspired by the first boss in Metal Slug 2 that burned the player with its engine exhaust and soldiers would fire from the top. The fireball attack in the "head form" was inspired by the final boss in Metal Slug 1 when he drops bombs from the helicopter over the whole screen. One guy once said the birds in this game are out of place and they really are, they really look bad. Them triggering stuff was inspired by the birds in Turok 2 where you would open a secret area by shooting them. Also one thing I would like to mention is the behavior of the werebulls. In original games they would turn around if they miss the player, but here when they reach the left side of the screen they are teleported to the right at the same Y position as the player.

Game is set in 2018 and in the end it says "To Be Concluded", but that will not happen. You can see G-Man in one level and Beshtiya drops a crowbar. Well, the story was somewhat inspired by the movie "Last Action Hero". Trying to stop Serious Sam once and for all, Mental developed technology that could transport him and his armies from the video game to the real world, so he could destroy Croteam, creators of Serious Sam. He invaded real Earth and destroyed all game developers and their games, but he could not locate this obscure country called "Croatia" on the map, so Serious Sam was the last video game hero left to defeat him.

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